Monica Michelle Cooper

Monica Michelle Cooper is the author of the hit novel, Lucky No. 5, which focuses on on 39-year-old Dr. Blase Melesse Morgan, a determined and successful dermatologist living in Harlem, New York, who, surrounded by her best friends, realizes the one thing she is missing – love.

This unconventional story of love and relationships laces you through the life of Blase and the five men who, at different times in her life, stole her heart. You’ll meet Blase at the pivotal point in her life where she – after being humbled by a man who she shouldn’t be with –decides that through all of her success, love is the only missing piece. Her plan introduces you to her past loves where, in the midst of their stories, you will find yourself dithering on what many would consider the best problem on earth to have.

Monica self-published the work and, through studying each facet of the process, became an expert doing it yourself.

She recently aided in the publishing of the powerful book, I Too Am America, by Shawn Dove and Nick Chiles.

She’s proficient in myriad areas of getting your work into readers’ hands and will moderate the panel: Want To Publish Your Book? Here’s How.

She’ll cover copywriting; establishing an ISBN number and QR code; layout design; cover concepts; online placement and marketing strategies, among other elements.

She has shared with great detail her vast expertise at the NBCC yearly, helping would-be authors elevate to full-fledged, published authors.

Want to be an author or hear about authors’ journeys? This is for you.

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