Tracey Brown

Tracey Brown is a new author from Annapolis, Maryland who published her first children’s book in 2022. Grandma’s Coming Over celebrates the relationship between grandmothers and their grandchildren.

Tracey is a new grandmother and has gained a valuable insight and deep understanding of the unique bond between grandparents and grandchildren. Her book is a colorful picture book illustrated with heartwarming images. It captures the magic and love across generations.

Fact: Grandparents and grandchildren have a special bond—one that is very unique. Grandma’s Coming Over celebrates this bond as well as the wonderful moments they share when grandmother visits.

This book displays examples of everyday experiences, like walks in the park, fishing trips, beach adventures, and moments grandmas share with their grandbabies. It encourages the strengthening of these relationships and celebrates big hugs and quality time. We all know that grandma’s give the best hugs!

Tracey’s debut book has quickly established her as a talented new voice in children’s literature that’s accessible to any and all cultures. She wrote the book as part of her commitment to strengthen familial bonds and bringing people closer together.
Enthusiastic and hard-working, she formerly worked at Black Enterprise as a conference planner and works as the office manager at Qatar American Institute for Culture in Washington D.C.

She spends a great deal of time visiting schools and daycare centers as she reads her book to classes and other gatherings of children. Tracey’s book can currently be found on Amazon. She is writing her next book “Grandpa’s Coming Over” and developing both in Spanish language versions that will be available soon.

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