Tamika Christy

Award-winning author Tamika Christy has published two must-read books: “Anytime Soon” and “Never Too Soon.” Each story offers an authentic, relatable look into complicated relationships and haunting pasts, and shows the importance of the familial ties that bind. Tamika discovered her passion for writing at a very early age when she began writing short stories and poems.

Over the years she perfected the art of using words to paint vivid landscapes of the emotions, triumphs, and madness of life. Tamika writes stories about real-life issues including mental illness, addiction, child abuse, infidelity, and more. Tamika’s stories deal with tough issues, but also offer messages of hope, love, and redemption. Tamika is currently working on her third novel and resides in the Bay Area with her family. Please visit to learn more about her and her wonderful books.

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