Joan Vassar

Joan Vassar used to work in the bookstore at the National Book Club Conference, among hundreds of readers and dozens of authors, never revealing that she had penned a historical fiction novel called

Once she gained the nerve to do so, she has been bombarded with praise for the moving book that chronicles the life of notorious slave rebellion leader Nat Turner’s son, who was born the day he died.

Joan is a prolific writer, whose other books, Elbert: Uncaged Mind and Emancipating James, books 2 and 3 of the Black Series, are also engrossing page-turners. So are wildly popular Unfortunately Francine and Introduction to Self: A Romantic Novel.

Joan is hard at work on Anthony Unshackled, Book 4 in the Black series. In this work you will join the legendary Black as he and his brothers continue their quest for freedom, love and the first free Black generation.

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