Ebony Evans

Ebony Evans is the founder and president of EyeCU Reading and Social Network book club in Detroit, who has penned her first novel, Dead To Me, which has been lauded for its high drama and realistic storylines. Her book features the impact of family secrets that come to light and how they create chaos within loved ones.

Ebony Evans is an enthusiastic reader, reviewer, and self-proclaimed “book nerd” at heart! In addition to reading and being a devoted wife and mother, Ebony loves laughing, cooking, dancing, karaoke, and spending time with family.

Life has taught Ebony the value of surrounding herself with a close-knit circle of like-minded supportive friends, with whom she reciprocates compassion and that same support.

Ebony has been married since 2000 to her soulmate Michael and together they have one fur baby, Lacy, and a high energy and very talented daughter, Essence. Essence’s “bigger than life” personality and sleuth of extracurricular activities keep Ebony and Michael very busy and very proud as they watch her grow into a dynamic young adult.

To connect with Ebony, please visit her multiple platforms:

FB: Author Ebony Evans

FB Group: EyeCU Reading & Chatting

FB Fanpage: EyeCU Reading & Social Network

Goodreads: Ebony EyeCU Evans

IG: eyecu_ reading

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