Charly Palmer and Karida Brown

Renown artist Charly Palmer and his wife, the dynamic sociologist Karida Brown have created a new book will be the must-have for all Black families: The New Brownies Book: A Love Letter to Black Families. You can preorder it here or by clicking on the photo above.

They wanted to share about the book in their own words. It is below:

A Love Letter

By Karida L. Brown and Charly Palmer

Dear Reader:

Within these pages we have set out to invoke the spirit of W.E.B. Du Bois’s original Brownies Book magazine. Like Du Bois, we invited some of the most talented Black artists and writers of our time to contribute original works—from short stories, artwork, poetry, and plays as a personal expression of their resounding Love for you: the Children of the Sun.

Together, we believed that we could create something bigger than the two of us could ever have come up with alone. An artist and a sociologist, husband and wife, both creatives in our own right—producing The New Brownies Book has been a labor of love.

Karida: As a sociologist, my love for W.E.B. Du Bois has been life-giving. It was his genius and unwavering commitment to Black people that inspired me to scholar, however, it was his luxurious prose that let me know that I could be a beautiful writer, too. Throughout this process, I cast my net wide to friends and colleagues in the writing community, asking them to imprint a stroke of their genius in this book.

Charly: For me, it was also very important that I get a chance to work with this great brain next to me, Dr. Karida Brown. I believed that we could assemble an A-team of creative people that shared the same passion and commitment to Black Love. It was important to pull from some of the most creative visual artists that I know so that this book would have a strong representation of Black Art. I hope that this book becomes a fixture in the homes of every Black family–on your coffee tables, and on your bookshelves.

The book is a collection of works that serve as a strong expression of inspiration, recognition, love, laughter, reflection, and celebration of what we mean to one another. From your nuclear, extended, and chosen family, to your play cousins and your motley crew of friends—The New Brownies Book is a collective love letter to YOU.  Please order here:

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