Avery Goode

Avery Goode is an Amazon best-selling author, who has penned nine Goode books, with a promise of more to come. Her latest, You, Me & She, is a typical page-turner.

The synopsis: For recent divorcee Sophia Redding, dating sucked. In her opinion, the dating pool was full of piss. But just as she was beginning to think that she would never find love again, she meets her ideal man.

By the time he reveals a secret about his life that could change hers, she is head-over-heels in love with him. Now she must decide what to do. If she leaves, she will lose him. But if she stays, she will lose something far greater than even she realizes. Love is all about taking risks. Sophia has two choices; stay with the man of her dreams or leave the beautiful nightmare. Which will she decide? You should read to learn.

Avery’s first novel, Dishonest, introduced her to the literary world as a fresh new voice with witty and creative story ideas. As a multi-genre, fiction author, Ms. Goode’s imagination knows no bounds and she consistently push the bar with her work, being recognized for spinning fictional tales that borderline truth. Nominated for several awards, Avery was crowned Atlanta’s Hottest Author in 2018 and has been featured in publications such as Parle’, Voyage ATL, and Intellectual Ink Magazines. Not only is she an accomplished author, but Avery is also a publisher, motivational speaker, and most recently, a screenwriter.


Avery is determined to give readers more with every novel she creates. It is her desire to produce Goode books for Goode people who love to read, as much as she loves to write. Although she was born and raised in Oklahoma, she has called Atlanta home for almost 20 years, where she enjoys life with her family. To learn more about Avery and what she is up to, please visit her at

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