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Michael Eric Dyson, one of America’s premier public intellectuals and author of the dynamic, moving, poignant and powerful New York Times best-selling book, Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon To White America.
Dr. Dyson is a professor of Sociology at Georgetown University, an ordained minister of 35 years and one of the most provocative and stimulating voices on race, politics, civil rights and religion. He’s a dynamic speaker who will be honored with the Terrie M. Williams Inspiration Award at the NBCC on Saturday, July 29th at the Intercontinental hotel in Atlanta.
Tears In We Cannot Stop is one of our two selections ALL NBCC attendees are to read as part of our World’s Largest Book Club Meeting at the conference. Please click on the image above to order the book. (The second must-read selection, a provocative novel, will be announced on Friday.)
With today’s dangerous climate with the new occupants of The White House, Dyson’s book is remarkably timely. It tells the truth about the chaos that looms if we don’t address the underlying forces that threaten our nation’s moral and political health. He digs deep into our racial past while also offering the most up to date investigation of the crises we confront, as well as the opportunities we have to make things better. Dyson offers a unique and empowering blend of historical perspective and contemporary analysis as he probes whiteness in America: how it was invented, how it grieves its slow but certain erosion, how it takes refuge in notions of innocence–and how it has reasserted itself with ominous ferocity with the new administration.
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