Kem is the Grammy-nominated R&B artist whose sultry sounds have made him a worldwide sensation. His story is of more than of his immense talent. Rather, Kem’s journey from Detroit to the spotlight was turbulent, to say the least, as he overcame abject poverty, depression, homelessness and drug and alcohol addiction to somehow ascend to a revered place as one of America’s most celebrated artists with five No. 1 songs among his platinum and gold records.

He has documented his life in his inspiring and moving memoir,¬†Share My Life, which is a no-holding-back accounting of his life roaming the streets of Detroit at 19 without a home; how he was overcome with worthlessness–and so much more–to evolve into a man who kept music in his heart and used it as a method of self-discovery.

Kem will receive the Terrie M. Williams Inspiration Award at the 2023 National Book Club Conference, an honor bestowed upon authors whose work and life represent the best of humanity. Additionally, Share My Life is the NBCC’s choice for the World’s Largest Book Club selection, meaning all attendees–and book clubs in the NBCC network and friends–are recommended to read it.

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