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Tina Lifford

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Tina Lifford is a star of the hit television series Queen Sugar who has penned a book that is called “an inspiring and illuminating guide to true self care.” The sage actress takes readers on a fulfilling journey of self-discovery, using 14 raw and personal stories as the impetus. She learned the hard way—through experience as both a Hollywood actress and as the founder of the personal development network The Inner Fitness Project. Now, she brings together her own hard-won insights as well as those of her clients in this helpful and transformative guide.

A blend of personal anecdotes and meaningful, practical—and most important, actionable—advice, The Little Book of Big Lies is the life skills class you need to nurture the inner you and move beyond the past. It is not, however, a “rah-rah” quick fix for fear and pain. Like physical fitness, building and maintaining emotional strength requires continued effort. This invaluable book is the foundation you need to start building inner health and well-being so you can thrive.

We are asking all 2020 NBCC attendees (everyone, really), to read The Little Book of Big Lies, as we make it a World’s Largest Book Club Meeting selection for the NBCC.

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