Tia Williams

Tia Williams had a fifteen-year career as a beauty editor for magazines including ElleGlamour, and Essence. In 2004, she pioneered the beauty blog industry with Shake Your Beauty. She wrote the bestselling novel, The Accidental Diva, and penned two YA novels: It Chicks, and Sixteen Candles. Her award-winning novel, The Perfect Find, will be adapted into a Netflix film starring Gabrielle Union.


Her New York Times best-selling novel, Seven Days in June, follows writer Eva Mercy, a single mom juggling her tornado of a tween, her career as a “vampire erotica” author, and a secret personal battle. When reclusive, superstar novelist Shane Hall unexpectedly returns fifteen years after their torrid romance, she’s faced with another conundrum:


What if the one who got away, came back? In just one week, her life gets (deliciously) turned upside down – raising the eyebrows of New York’s Black literati, and unearthing both of their explosive, buried pasts. Learn more about Tia at

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