Phyllis R. Dixon

Phyllis R. Dixon is the acclaimed author of Intermission, Forty Acres, and Down Home Blues, which was shortlisted for the Lariat Adult Fiction Reading List by the Texas Library Association. She also is a contributor to the New Tri-State Defender book review column and to Chicken Soup for the African American Woman’s Soul. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, she is a former independent bookstore owner, previously worked for the U.S. Treasury Department, and currently serves on several nonprofit boards. She currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee, and can be found online at

Dreamgirls meets How Stella Got Her Groove Back by way of Destiny’s Child with a nostalgic 90s twist! Author Phyllis R. Dixon is doing it big.

As glittering as their name, The Diamonds were on the brink of 1990s pop music stardom—until betrayal tore them apart. Now these four very different women are getting a second shot at success. But will reuniting mend their rift—or will lasting secrets, unspoken betrayals, new temptations, and the hard-knocks of today’s music industry destroy them, and their dreams, for good?

Angel. Carmen. Doreen. Jade. Talented Memphis girls who had a brush with pop music fame—guided by Carmen’s warm-hearted mother. But when she was elbowed out for a bigger manager, Carmen walked too. The bitter breakup shattered the Diamonds’ never-easy “sisterhood” —and cost them the big-time.

Now a reunion offers a fresh start, just as mid-life struggles are pushing all four to the brink.

Angel hopes to reignite her failing solo career, but her insatiable ego keeps getting in the way. . . . Carmen was the group’s peacemaker, but with her son in serious trouble, she’s run out of patience. . . . Doreen longs to recapture the highs of performing, minus the drug haze—even as it risks her life as a pastor’s wife. . . . And Jade, always the wallflower, is determined to get recognized this time around.

As the women contend with the new and overwhelming demands of celebrity, they find that the old traps have stayed the same. Can they ever reach true sisterhood—and help each other become the sparkling gems they were meant to be?

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