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New York Times Bestselling author believes women must manifest their destiny. In her novels, women overcome heart-wrenching challenges. Female empowerment is the primary focus in all of Morrison’s works. An unapologetic voice with 23 fiction novels and two non-fiction books in print, Morrison strives to eradicate double-standards. Never Let a Man Come First: A Female’s Guide to Understanding Male Behavior, is Morrison’s recent and timely release.
A public speaker and motivator, Mary encourages women to become their best. Writing for Kensington Publishing Corporation as Mary B. Morrison and for Grand Central Publishing under her pseudonym, HoneyB, Mary isn’t afraid to say what most people merely think.
Healing Her HurtIncorporated is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that Morrison founded, February 4, 2016. Healing Her Hurt, promotes the emotional, physical and financial health of marginalized women and girls by providing self-empowerment tools, resources, and education. 
Mary is executive producing a film with Dat’s Tite T.V. and Molding Heartz Productions, LLC.  She is Executive Producer and host of her upcoming Podcast. She is also Executive Producer and Playwright of her stage play, Single Husbands.
For speaking engagements, interviews, book signings, guest appearances, women’s health classes and more, contact Mary at email marybmorrison@aol.com.. Visit and follow Mary HoneyB Morrison online at: www.marymorrison.com
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