Lamont Gant

Lamont Gant is a multi-talented, award winning, American independent film director and author. His films and novels, mostly sci-fi thrillers, have been screened and featured in film/book festivals all over the world.

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Lamont became interested iin filmmaking after moving to Atlanta, where he was exposed to the music, books and film industries.

In 2015, after making his feature film debut with Used To Temporary Happiness (2013), Annulment (2015) and No Time For Love (2015), Lamont founded the successful film production company Creative Genius Films.

Used To Temporary Happiness was an official selection of the Ocktober Music & Film Festival in New York (2013). No Time For Love appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX networks throughout the U.S. on the TV show African American Short Films (2015). Lamont received greater success after his sci-fi thriller RETURNED (2016) was picked up and distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and others. RETURNED was available nationwide in several stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and more. RETURNED also acquired over a million views on digital platforms along with hundreds of fan requests for a follow up film. RETURNED is available to watch now on

Recently Lamont directed the 2023 cyberpunk short film Ladies Night: 2077, about four women in the distant future from different parts of the world and beyond who get together for night out using a very unique form of transportation. The screenplay was written by Lamont Gant and co-written by Marlon McCaulsky.

As an author, Lamont adapted a version of the science fiction film RETURNED with Marlon McCaulsky and V. Marie in 2015. Learn more about Lamont by clicking here.

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