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Emmanuella Raphaelle was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to Caribbean parents who migrated from Haiti. She has been writing for over two decades. ​Writing poetry and journaling served as an escape from the walls caging her in at a young age and became a form of creative therapy and release through her womanhood.

She is proud to present her first book: After the Affair, Re-Membering, an intimate memoir of her journey through marriage and infidelity to forgiveness and liberty. She is currently working to release Water in My Wine, a poetic sequel to her memoir.

The goal behind Emmanuella’s writings and poetry is to intentionally invoke feeling and human-ness in her readers. She captures life, love and pain through emotive writings intended for readers to feel emotions and sensate the reality they push away or don’t make time to lean into during their daily lives.

When Emmanuella is not writing, she is climbing the corporate ladder in the transportation industry, mentoring young women and photographing flowers and other sentimental things. She enjoys a good life and flower stalking in Atlanta, Georgia with her two children.

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