Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is an award winning, multiple NY Times best-selling author, a widely celebrated Georgetown University professor, a prominent public intellectual and a noted political analyst.

Dr. Dyson’s latest book is What Truth Sounds Like, which was named “Most Notable Non-Fiction Book” by The Washington Post and called “a stunning followup to “Tears We Cannot Stop,” according to Publisher’s Weekly.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, he is also an ordained Baptist minister. Dyson is a two-time NAACP Image Award winner (Why I Love Black Women, and Is Bill Cosby Right?), and the winner of the American Book Award for Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster. His book The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America was a Kirkus Prize finalist. Dyson has written 19 books, and edited another one, over his nearly 25-year publishing career. He is also a highly sought after public speaker who is known to excite both secular and sacred audiences. Follow him on Twitter @michaeledyson and on his official Facebook page.

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