Curtis Bunn

Curtis Bunn is the founder of the NBCC, started in because he felt joyous after each book club meeting, uplifted. The conversation with serious readers, the laughter, the learning benefitted both sides. It only made sense to me to bring readers and authors together in an intimate setting to have a succession of those fulfilling experiences.

Over the years, so many readers and book clubs have implored him to have a “book club meeting” at the NBCC, and now he’s finally following the consensus

His 11th novel, That Was Then, This Is Now, releases this month. It is an entertaining book that brings to light that being transformed does not make one impervious to more challenges that test loyalty, patience and stamina.

This stand alone sequel to my Essence No. 1 best-selling book, Baggage Check, is an ode to the first main characters Bunn created–Julian, Greg and Larry–several years later and faced with new sets of drama that challenges their faith, commitment and love life. Seeking refuge, they take a trip to Ghana, West Africa, where the breathtaking experience of the Motherland lead them on a journey that alters the trajectory of their lives.

Indeed, all of Bunn’s books touch on multiple adult, authentic themes that places you in the book, connects you to the characters and entertains as it informs. He is writing his next book, The Last Bachelor, which could be released next summer.

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