Cheryl Polote-Williamson

Cheryl Polote-Williamson is the author of the soul-stirring anthology, Soulful Prayers, a book that is perfectly timed for the world in which we live. So much is happening that often causes us to feel distant from God. But prayer is vital.

Yet although we know its importance, we frequently struggle to find the right words to express the cry of our heart. That is why Soulful Prayers: The Power of Intentional Communication with God is an essential book for every believer–no matter where you are in your relationship with Him.
Through her powerful book, Cheryl and 52 coauthors offer sincere prayers for trusting in God, finding peace and power in forgiveness, healing from grief and loss, discovering your purpose, reviving hope and love, and much more.
If you have been longing to draw closer to God just as He has been longing to hear from you, Soulful Prayers will lead you into His presence with supplications that are wholehearted and effectual. Learn more about the book and Cheryl’s other award-winning work, please click on her photo to visit

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