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Cheryl Polote Williamson

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Cheryl Polote Williamson is a nationally sought after transformational speaker, author and certified life coach. She provides services that help teach entrepreneurs build business and personal relationships, with an emphasis on honesty, integrity and trust.
She has authored Safe House, a lifestyle guide for women, Words From The Spirit, describe as “an energy drink for the soul,” and Soul Reborn, which focuses on overcoming setbacks.
In 2016, Cheryl began the Soul Talk series that began as a radio show and evolved into book anthologies on redemption, restoration and transformation. Soul Talk, Soul Bearer, Soul Source and two more books will be released in 2018.  Each book provides an opportunity for readers to break free of concerns that grip them and allow God to heal and use them.Please learn more about Cheryl by visiting www.cherylpwspeaks.com.
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