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Celeste O. Norfleet is a nationally bestselling author of more than 30 critically acclaimed novels, including her latest dynamic offering, One Night In Georgia. Book summary: 

While three students who hit the road heading back to Spelman College for their senior year in 1968 grabbed a copy of The Motorist Green Book as they hopped into Veronica’s new convertible, the novel that tells their tale, One Night in Georgia, is no Green Book.

Most importantly, it’s the story of three African American women told from the imagination of award-winning African American novelist Celeste O. Norfleet.

Zelda Livingston, Veronica Cook, and Daphne Brooks are young and carefree, but they aren’t foolish. When a male family friend offers to escort them safely from New York to Georgia in a summer shaped by the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Bobby Kennedy, race riots, political protests, and the birth of Black power, they take him up on it.

As the rave review in the American Library Association’s magazine Booklist points out: “…Norfleet’s origins as a romance writer show in the slow burn of Zelda and Daniel’s attraction, but it’s the female friendships that drive this heartbreaking novel of awakening. The deceptively breezy tone belies the hard truths of the story, making it a good fit for a wide range of book groups.”
Celeste is the recipient six awards from Romance Slam Jam (RSJ), including its, Book of the Year award. She was also honored with the BRAB, 2016 Frances Ray Lifetime Literary Legacy Award. A graduate of Moore College of Art and Design, she lives in Virginia.

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