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Angie Ransome-Jones

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Angie Ransome-Jones is the best-selling and award-winning author of Path to Peace, A Guide to Managing Life After Losing a Loved One. In her debut book, Angie chronicles her journey of finding peace after the sudden and devastating loss of her father in 2013.  After undergoing what she refers to as “the process,” Angie has made it her mission to educate others on not only dealing with major losses, but also on how to be prepared for such losses – both financially and organizationally.

Since its release in 2015, Path to Peace has received wide acclaim including recognition as a “Good Read” by the Arkansas Times and Angie has been featured on the WFAA-TV morning show Good Morning Texas, the Local Memphis Live TV show, along with several radio shows and other media platforms.

Angie will host her renowned Life & Legacy Planning Workshop/Panel at the 2018 NBCC in which she and her team of subject-matter experts will educate us on everything from estate-planning, to coping with loss, to the importance of having a will, life Insurance and other documentation in place. Learn more about Angie by clicking on her photo. Please visit her at http://www.path-2-peace.com.

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